Crafting with the Misfits

MAGIC GIANT, a trio that weaves a musical rug of indie, folk, alternative and pop influences for their sing-along anthems to stand on, is no stranger to the towering Redwood trees off the coast of California. In fact, they recorded parts of their debut album “Into The Wind” inside of one of these peaceful giants.


The band has travelled across the country, showing their hearts on stages in small venues and festivals, all while recording music with their solar-powered studio. Along the way, they’ve taken every opportunity possible to connect with local communities, empower environmental causes, and dance with their die-hard fans they lovingly call “Magic Misfits.”


The Magic Misfits are a fan-base every band dreams of, but not many can sustain and call family. MAGIC GIANT does just that. They’ve created a family of fans that create and share artwork, carpool to shows (often multiple shows), tattoo lyrics on their bodies, and become better humans through a shared love of MAGIC GIANT and everything the band stands for.


The band wanted to give their Misfits a chance to come together – from all corners of the country – for a weekend of activities, adventure, campfire sing-alongs and intimate concert experiences beneath the Redwoods. The first ever Camp Misfits was a magical and life-changing weekend, hosted at Camp Navarro on October 18-21, 2018.


MAGIC GIANT has been a #GoGreenNotes artist for some time now, and has tapped into CLIF GreenNotes resources and events over the past year. This past January, the band played inside of a ski-lift tram at Snowbird for our first ever Frontside Sessions performance, a uniquely fun concert experience that empowered audience members to take climate action. CLIF GreenNotes also was the band’s sustainability partner for their Spring 2018 tour, and organized tabling opportunities at their shows for nonprofits in 6 different cities.


It was a no-brainer to reach out to CLIF GreenNotes when the band wanted to connect with a local environmental nonprofit to host a workshop at Camp Misfits.


That’s where the stewardship rockstars, Mendocino Land Trust came in. CLIF GreenNotes sought out the nonprofit for their shared values in conserving the land for future generations and sharing natural spaces with the public to help people deepen their relationships with our environment. Heidi Sorenson, MLT’s Business Manager with a “can-do” attitude was eager to jump into the Camp Misfits opportunity.


“We loved seeing what CLIF GreenNotes and Magic Giant had planned for this camp and really hoped that we could be a meaningful part of it,” Heidi expressed. And a meaningful part of it Mendocino Land Trust was!


Mendocino Land Trust and CLIF GreenNotes led Camp Misfits’s only arts and crafts activity, which gave the campers an artistic outlet and time to learn and socialize with activity leaders Heidi and Nikki, MLT’s Conservation Project Manager.


“We talked with campers about Mendocino Land Trust work in the region while campers painted wood rounds to be made into magnets…we had a great time!” Heidi said. Camp Misfits Producer extraordinaire, Julie Hovsepian, mentioned that, “everyone loved the magnet art so I am really happy that it worked out. It was the only time to create something unique as a momento. They loved it!”


The arts and crafts activity was busy, with 60 campers attending.  Even the boys from MAGIC GIANT came around to the activity.“We were mobbed by people wanting to craft with us and ran out of wood rounds, but the campers went and found rocks to paint instead,” Heidi laughed. “The site was lovely, and it was nice when the crafting settled down a little and we were able to talk in depth with a few lingering campers. I think everyone had a lot of fun”


Austin Bisnow, MAGIC GIANT’s lead singer, enjoyed meeting the MLT staff saying, “As individuals, they were kind, fun, and passionate. They went the extra mile to make our event more special.”


This may have been the first Camp Misfits, but the band certainly doesn’t intend for it to be the last. Julie mentioned that MAGIC GIANT “will be in touch if they do it at Navarro again as we would love to collaborate again.” Austin agreed. “Mendocino Land Trust was so supportive and great to work with on every level. We would love to work with them again and would recommend them to anyone!”


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