We amplify environmental causes artists care about through building change-driven movements.

Nonprofit Matchmaking

We work closely with CLIF GreenNotes artists to create campaigns that bring together nonprofit partners, drive collective action, and deliver measurable impact. Artists may also utilize our online matchmaking platform to connect with nonprofits while on tour.

Fan Engagement

We engage fans through unique and purpose-driven campaigns. Through them, our artists connect meaningfully with their fan base and gain exposure to a larger audience of socially-aware music fans.

Greening Support

Whether an artist is touring with a van or bus — we help reduce their footprint by looking over riders and helping offset their carbon emissions. Our EnviroRider and EnviroTour have created industry standards to help make events and venues environmentally sustainable.

Marian Hill

We developed a campaign with Marian Hill’s Down Tour and The Nature Conservancy that used storytelling to set the facts straight on climate change. We asked their fans and changemakers to share a personalized selfie video that explains one credible fact about climate change and it’s significance. Participants had the opportunity to meet and greet with Marian Hill on their tour and win merchandise.

Brett Dennen

In 2017, Brett Dennen embarked on the Lift Series we developed with regional environmental partners and ski resorts. At each stop of his tour, Brett hosted an environmental day of action and performed intimate performances on ski lift trams for changemakers that took action on climate change.


While Dessa was a on a national tour, we connected her with co-ops, local farmers, and community-based agricultural initiatives to learn more about food systems and to eat one locally-sourced meal everyday on tour.